Let's blog in English, baby!

Hey guys :)

I saw this really cool Challenge-thing on many blogs and I have decided to participate, too. The challenge is about blogging in English. Uhm, what? Yeah, you read right. I am gonna write posts in American Englisch! The goal is to reach a minimum of three English posts within three months. I think the idea of blogging in English is really cool because... you know, English is kind of a worldwide spoken language so it seems very useful to write little posts in English to improve your skills. Furthermore, I really like reading in English so I thought why not. I know that my English isn't the best and that there are definitly mistakes in my text but it does not have to be perfect! I mean, I'm gonna write in English anyway, so who cares? :D I'm gonna try to blog in American English because I think it's very cool and I love the pronounciation. But I have to admit that the British people have a very special and beautiful pronounciation, too. So it's a little bit difficult to decide, but anyway - American English is coming! :D 

I hope you guys like the idea of blogging in English, I think it's pretty cool. But those who are scared that there are just gonna follow English posts, please calm down! I'm not gonna write my whole blog in English, this is not gonna happen. So relax and just wait for what is coming. :)
Oh, and I forgot to mention who invented this cool blogging in English thing, so now that is coming as well. Thank you Christine, for having this cool idea during feeling that burn in your legs while ya were jogging. :D

I wish you all a wonderful day,

Nicole :)

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  1. Well that sounds like a nice and fun idea :)

    I may participate, too. Even if I don't know what my english blog content may be ;)

    Best wishes,

    1. Oh please, participate, too! This is such a cool idea, I love it! Maybe you culd write reviews, hauls, TAGs or any other posts that you would write in German, too. :)

    2. Yep, I thought so, too. I would rather write small hauls oder something like that and than translate it also in German, so that every reader would (hopefully) enjoy it ;)

    3. Great idea! :) The translation is also very helpful to improve your skills for school! :)

  2. Hey Nicole :)

    I've seen this kind of challenge thing on a lot of blogs, but your blog finally get me to participate this, too. I know, my English is very bad, but like you say, it's only for a bit fun, so how cares about grammar?
    I enjoy reading in English so much, so what wrong with blogging in English, too? I mean, like you say, it could be very useful, and so I think I'm going to try this.
    Maybe I fail, about at least I tried, so...let's go and write a post!

    A little question: What kind of post do you think you'll write in English? Reviews? Wrap-ups? Book Hauls? I think writing Wrap-ups, TBR's and Hauls won't be the problem, obviously.
    But I think it would be very funny, at least a great experience, to write an English Review. So, do you wanna try this? Because I think I will, so it would be very great if someone else also would try.

    Oh my Godness, I really have to improve my English scills. So, Kuecki, stop annoying Nicole and go and write a post.

    Goooooood byyyyeeeeeeeee!

    (Oh my God, maybe I should have only read the text without leaving a comment xD)

    1. Heeeey Kuecki :)

      I am so happy that you decided to participate, too. I look forward to read your English and I mean your English isn't that bad! :) And you are so right, who cares about grammar? :) I once read a really cool sentence called "Sometimes my English is so what from under all pig" and I think this explains everything, doesn't it? :D

      I just typed a Quicki in English about If I Stay but I am gonna try to write a full review just like normal reviews. I think it would be great if you writed a review, too. :) Maybe I'll do a Haul too but I still don't know. But I wanna try writing a TAG in English! :)

      Good luck with writing yur post, I'm looking forwart to reading it! :) And it's great that you dared to write a comment this is soooo cool! :)

  3. Hey :)
    I really like the idea of bloggin in english. I take part too :)
    Hopefully we all have a lot of fun and maybe we can improve our english a little bit.

    1. Oh this is soo cool! I am sooo excited, I don't know why, but I am! :D

  4. Hey Nicole

    I just discovered your blog because I'm participating in the challenge, too. I'm really excited to finally write in English because I read so many English books that my mind has already taken over the language. I sometimes feel like I'm bilingual though I'm not.

    I'm really looking forward to reading some more of your blog posts - not only the English ones. ;)


    1. Really? Oh this is soo cool! :D I read many books in English, too. I think to read in the originally written language, makes so much more fun. You don't get to read any bad translations and you get much more improvement for your English out of reading in English! And I know what you mean, after I read a English book, in my head there is a whole review in English already and I can only think in English. :D


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